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#letterstonoone: Dear Sick Day

#letterstonoone: Dear Sick Day

Dear Sick Day,

I don't take you often. So of course this morning when I woke up with tonsils enflamed and the size of PGA tournament golf balls, I was excited to meet you again.

After the formalities of announcing the sick day to my boss, I went back to bed, without setting an alarm. I was going to let my internal body clock do its job, I mean one of us had to today.
Finally I woke up at 10.30am. I hadn't woken up past 9am on a weekday since first year uni, but back then I used to drink jägerbombs on Tuesday nights so it was valid.

This sick day experience was new to me. What was I meant to do? Stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself? A quick search on Google said: Yes.

I decided to read in bed. That lasted 30 minutes before I got bored. So I shuffled into the kitchen and cooked some eggs, and swapped the typical Earl Grey with a molotov of Betadine and Lemsip. This led to the discovery that your jägerbomb uni party days can still haunt you at 27, because gargling the Betadine and chasing it with Lemsip tasted the same. I could hear Daft Punk start playing in the recesses of my mind.

What to do now? A load of washing, mop the floor, make the bed? Yes, yes and yes.
I then retired to the couch and was ready to fully immerse myself in an afternoon of planking in front of the TV, except the daytime television circuit had changed since my last day off. Ready, Steady, Cook had been axed.

Soup. Yep. That's what people do on sick days, fight modern medicine with celery stalks and broth. While the soup was brewing, I decided to make an eggplant parmigiana. And while both were cooking I decided to make sautéed brussel sprouts. A salad. And sausages.

Another gargle of Betadine, and it was time to visit the doctor. I anticipated a 45 minute wait, enough time to go through January's WHO. But damn it, as soon as I sat down, I heard them say: Miss Corso.

This was turning out to be the most efficient sick day ever.

Finally I returned home at 3pm and something magical happened: JUDGE JUDY WAS ABOUT TO START.

Sick day, you were boring in the beginning but I think by the end of tonight we'll be friends.

Yours with a virus and blocked sinus,
Lisa Marie Corso xoxo

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Mangiare, mangiare, it's eggplant parmigiana.

Mangiare, mangiare, it's eggplant parmigiana.