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Hey, Hi, Hello.

Hey, Hi, Hello.

Lisa Marie Corso is a writer and editor. And yes, her parents named her after Elvis' spawn. It could have been worse, right? At least her name isn't Apple.

Once in primary school a tub of yoghurt exploded in her school bag, leaving a trail of dairy devastation everywhere. All of her possessions were drenched in Yoplait, including her prized possession: The Oxford dictionary. Each page curled up on its edges, the same way an echidna shows its spikes when a predator is near. The dictionary was sour smelling and ready to be turfed. 

In life you are presented with options and on this fateful day an eight-year-old decided this book was worth saving. After all this was the book that taught her there were 101 ways to say something was nice without saying something 'nice'.

When you're eight anything is possible, and so using her mother's hairdryer, Lisa Marie blow-dried each page back to its former glory. It ended up being the perm of the century. 

So the short version is:

Lisa Marie Corso really likes words. She can write some for you.

Her writing has appeared in Australian Gourmet Traveller, The Design Files, Broadsheet, Lunch Lady, The Planthunter, Yen, Four&Sons, Snacks Quarterly, The Thousands to name a few and many LiveJournal entries she wrote as a teenager and hopes never see the light of day again.

Available for editorial, editing and copywriting services.
She can also ghost write family birthday cards for you. Just sayin'.

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